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Every organization needs automated and digital process to drive the attendance system effortlessly. Look to us for a complete solution that integrates all devices to lock the attendance and delivers real-time data instantly in structured reports on every day work hours of the workforce. To equip you with attendance management capabilities, together, we can develop, support and deliver customized solution in alliance to your requirements and budget specifications. We are here to help you meet growing HR demands and enable your organization transform and modernize.

BIZEX Attendance System
Take digital grip on attendance and enhance productivity with one seamless solution.

Assimilates Devices to Capture Real-Time Attendance

Designed for the purpose of employees’ timekeeping, the solution documents details from all attendance devices namely Biometrics, Access Card, Live Tracking and Facial Recognition. Accurate info on temperature detection and check-in and check-out time of the day of entire workforce is captured. With Geo-mark feature the attendance can also be recorded as per the preordained coordinates (radius) from the office/factory location. In addition, it also delivers particulars on the locale of employees working on-field or remotely.


Manages Schedules and Shifts to Streamline Operations

With Bizex Attendance Management System, HR Department can readily design and implement attendance schemes for managing work schedules and shifts exclusively for marketing and manufacturing personnel respectively. The solution provides proficient time documentation of complex work hours and manages multiple shifts and rotation, stating weekend policies and leave specifications. The shift roasters are generated with ease that enables the organization to put into effect punctuality at work.


Processes Data to Deliver Attendance Report with Accuracy

Solves the challenges of processing and evaluating the attendance records by compiling the
data of check-in, time-off for break, lunch hour and check-out time of employees flawlessly. In addition, the factual reports largely help HR department to get the control on expense management, overtime management and travel management of the workforce.



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We build Trust.

More than 450+ Teams use our Business software.


We build Trust.

More than 450+ Teams use our Business software.

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