Apr 09 2021

Be it a small business, a startup or a large global or multinational corporate firm, human resources departments play a key part in the operations of all kind of businesses. HR departments are responsible for a wide range of business tasks which also include key business activities like hiring. Under such scenarios, it is important to make the best use of these resources for maximum operational efficiency as well as the profitability of the organization.

Why HR Software and Automation Is Essential In Today’s Time?

The HR department requires advanced HR solutions as they handle several major aspects of a business including recruitment, onboarding, admin and policy management and a lot more. With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the ways of business operations have changed. With the advent of modern technologies and advanced HR solutions, it has become essential for every business to make use of these technologies and solutions for the best utilization of resources.

According to statistics, HR professionals spend 12 hours each week on average to carry out routine tasks like answering calls, responding to emails and spreadsheet updations. This accounts for almost 30% of a generic 40-hour workweek. It is quite obvious that the more time HR professionals spend on manual administrative tasks, the less time they will be able to devote towards strategic HR operations that can help enhance the efficiency of business operations and contribute towards business growth and improvement.

In such cases, one may wonder how HR professionals can reduce the time spent on manual administrative tasks?

This is where automation comes into the scene. Automated HR software solutions can be highly effective and beneficial for the HR department of businesses across various industries and of different sizes. Automated HR solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency of HR professionals through various tools and applications like integrated hiring and talent management, as well as automated solutions for various other HR processes.

This can be a major element that helps businesses save time and money and make the best use of their human resources department. Ever since the inception of modern HR software that enables automation in the HR sector of businesses, businesses have been exploring the dimension of automation to enhance efficiency and profitability. From hiring new employees, training, as well ensuring that local labour laws compliances, HR processes are something that you cannot ignore within an organization.

A modern HR software in Bangalore like Bizex can help reduce the manual tasks of your HR department effectively. With the advent of such a highly functional and effective automation HR software, the HR arena has been rapidly transforming. HR professionals are constantly adapting to the changes brought about by modern-day automated HR solutions.

Automated HR solutions: The Areas They Cover

Reducing manual HR tasks has been the primary objective of several major organizations across India and the world. Automated HR solutions like Bizex are highly effective and useful under such scenarios and can help in the removal of several manual HR operations. As a matter of fact, studies have revealed that a lot of organizations with an annual turnover of more than $1 billion are making use of automation solutions to reduce HR staff and tasks.

The study also reveals that the best-performing HR teams have 32% fewer staff and that is only possible through the implementation of automated HR solutions. While surveys also suggest that 12% of employees think that AI and automation can impact their jobs in a negative way, a much larger percentage of workers and industry experts consider automation to have a positive impact on the HR industry.

There are several areas of HR operations and management that can be successfully automated with HR software like Bizex. Let us take a look at the areas where automated HR solutions can be highly beneficial and can be easily implemented for the best results.

  • Employee onboarding: One of the most tedious tasks that HR professionals have to perform manually and on a regular basis in the area of employee onboarding. This area includes a wide range of tasks like selection and collection of resumes and employee documents, providing access to company resources and tools to new joiners, raising requests for devices and business assets, and a lot more. With the help of effective and efficient HR software, these processes and tasks can be automated and executed effortlessly. Chatbots can also be used to answer simple queries of employees. In fact, AI-enabled hiring processes have been successful in accelerating the process by almost 33% as well as lowering the costs by up to 50%.
  • Performance Management: Automation can be useful in the area of employee performance management as well. From tracking employee performance to analysis, measurements and metrics of employee performance within an organization, HR managers can get great help from effective HR software in Bangalore like Bizex. Such software leaves no room for inaccuracy, inefficiency or biases in the field of performance management. It helps HR professionals to track the essential KPIs of the employees in a precise and accurate manner and ensure that they are aligned with the objectives of the organization.
  • Leave management: Automated HR software can be an effective and highly functional leave management solution removing the need for manual labour to handle the process. Bizex offers HR solutions where leave records and payroll are integrated and there is no need to keep the records manually. This helps in an efficient leave management system and on a single dashboard, all processes including applications, approvals, and checking of leaves can be done in an automated manner.

The Benefits of Bizex for HR automation: The Best HR Software in Bangalore

According to a KPMG survey, the top benefits of intelligent automation investments will lead to improved performance to up to 56% and the freeing of resources and staff who can perform more strategic works to up to 54%. Quite naturally, a lot of organizations are investing in top HR software in Bangalore, like Bizex. Some of the key benefits of the platform are:

  • Automated data collection, sharing and processing to improve productivity.
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Paperless documentation and processing
  • Insightful business reports for better decision making
  • Better HR data analysis
  • Accurate and foolproof HR task executions

With the help of automated HR solutions, businesses can make a maximum profit through increased operational efficiency. Bizex is one of the most trusted, efficient and highly functional HR software in Bangalore that can be the ideal solution to reduce manual tasks of your HR department.