Employee Tracking and Attendance simplified!


It's time to reinvent how the attendance is marked at the workplace! With Face Recognition Technology, have the ease of attendance management and delight the workforce providing them intrinsic security through a contactless process.

BIZEX Face Recognition Attendance System
Designed to enable the organizations have the real-time employee tracking and increase in overall work productivity across the departments.


Face Recognition Technology based solution detects the face and marks the presence in the attendance journal ensuring 98% accuracy while recognizing, recording, tracking and evaluating everyday work login of employees.


Stay Secured

Once the workforce steps in the office, they are secured as the face recognition technology also records the body temperature. The critical temperature gets instant Alert!



The attendance can be marked through mobile or tablet even from the place where there is no internet! When the employee is working, just update and it is recorded.


No Touch

No need to remove the mask or touch anywhere to lock the presence for the day! With BIZEX, employees get 100% assurance on health safety as the attendance is recorded without any physical contact. Employees’ face is only the new ID, replacing the plastic access cards or the biometric fingerprint devices, even gets through the mask. All the worries regarding hygiene and cleanliness are eliminated to the core.


Real-Time Data

HR Department receives the real-time attendance data without time-lag. It not only facilitates to optimize the imperative man-hours but also establishes seamless operations in the organization and proficient utilization of resources as the data is well synchronized through technology that leaves no space for any manipulations or tempering.


Presence Marked Remotely

During the on-going unprecedented times, BIZEX offers the mobile (selfie) based solution to record the attendance when the workforce is working remotely. Organizations can know the exact location of their employees and get their attendance marked from anywhere, everywhere.
BIZEX Face Recognition Attendance System isn't just about creating a professional and productive environment, it’s about providing a secure and adaptable workplace.


BIZEX Face Recognition Attendance

System builds engaging and happy
workplace that benefits everyone!


We build Trust.

More than 450+ Teams use our Business software.


We build Trust.

More than 450+ Teams use our Business software.

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