Frequently Asked Questions

Bizex is an online Human Resource Management System. With Bizex you can manage all your Human Resource activities online. All you need is a device to connect to internet with browser and you are good to go.

BIZEX is not software version specific. Whenever a new version of bizex automatically gets subscribed to the new version.

No, all you need is a computer device; whether it may be tablet, mobile, laptop or desktop with a good internet connectivity and you could get going.

Yes, Bizex provides a trial period of 15-days. Within this period, you can evaluate bizex; you can get full15 support from Bizex; you can contact Bizex if you have any suggestion or need any modification tailored to your needs.

No, when you sign up for the trial version, you get all the full functional Bizex webapp. During this trial period you can evaluate Bizex and can get full support from the Bizex team.

You can stop using Bizex at any time you want. There is no long term obligation on clients to use Bizex. We don’t charge any cancellation fees.

An HR system allows you to get a complete and holistic view of all people data, automate numerous processes, significantly reduce admin time, and provide manager and employee self-service.

A full suite of HR software comprises functionality to manage HR processes and data management. This would include employee and manager self-service and Recruitment & On-Boarding, HR Letters, attendance Management, Live Tracking, Leave Management, Payroll, performance Analytics, Document Management System, Asset Management, Exit Management.

HR software enables the management of some or all elements of the HR function. Employee Relationship software goes over and above this management, helping employers build better relationships with their people and empowering their people to become more productive and effective.

A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a single, or suite, of human resources software designed to manage some or all of the elements of HR, with the aim to deliver easy processing of data and management of processes digitally.

An HR system allows you to get a complete and holistic view of all people's data, automate numerous processes, significantly reduce admin time, and provide manager and employee self-service. But there are just a few of the benefits. Employee Relationship Management, Payroll & Reward, Time & Expenses Software, Recruitment & Onboarding, Reporting & Analytics, Performance, Mobile HR & Payroll App.

To support Disaster Recovery, a weekly full backup of all data is taken plus a daily differential backup – capturing details of any changes from that day.

Bizex has a fully integrated report writer. Every field is reportable information, even customized fields. Over 200 canned reports ship out with the purchase of People-Trak HR Software. Clients may customize any existing ad hoc report or create as many new ones as needed.

Investing in an HRMS like Bizex allows you to free your HR department from paper-based, routine tasks, manage your employees efficiently, diminishes the need for costly server hardware, reduce human errors and secure your data.

The Comprehensive Time & Attendance module is deeply integrated for Real-time Tracking of employee time and attendance, absenteeism, holidays etc. Shift, Roster and Muster can be easily managed.

Employees have access to their personal data and can manage it independently. Thus, the administrative effort in the HR department is shrinking whereas the transparency and the value of the employees’ data are rising.

No. All updates and new features added to the modules you subscribe to are automatically available to you free of charge.

Yes. We will upload your core HR data for you for free. All you need to do is to provide it to us using a secured Excel utility we’ll send to you. We can also assist with more extensive data uploads. Please contact us for information.

Bizex HR can be used from any online device with a modern browser, including tablets and mobiles. We also offer free-to-download mobile apps for Android and Apple phones.

The remaining time on your trial period will be used up before we bill you so you’re guaranteed the free 14 days regardless of when you upgrade to a paid account.

Yes you can export all your staff data into a spreadsheet and download a backup of all the files in the account at any time.

All the features are available to all our customers for the same low monthly cost. As part of your monthly subscription we add new features and constantly maintain Bizex.

The software is designed for small- or medium-sized businesses with up to 1000 employees.

Patriot Software accepts credit or debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, internet banking and Discover for your software and service fees.

After you have completed your tax filing setup, Patriot Software will collect payroll taxes on approved payrolls, usually the first banking day before the pay date. If payroll is run on the same day as the pay date, payroll taxes will be collected on the next available banking day.

Yes, you can integrate ePayroll with various accounting packages and other applications such as:

There is no limit to how many bank accounts each employee can choose to have their pay deposited into. You can choose to provide employees with access to the online Employee Self Service (ESS) portal where the employee has responsibility for viewing, updating and verifying their banking details. Alternatively, you can choose to have these changes handled by your payroll authority. Employees can also choose what fixed amounts or percentages of their total pay will be deposited into each of their bank accounts.

Once you have logged in the first window will be “change of password”, otherwise you can go to “my account” tab and change your password

If you have only a few employees who have PF as part of their salary structure, you’ll have to enable ‘Provident Fund Status’ and enable ‘Allow Individual PF Override.
Once enabled click on the ‘Overview’ tab. Here you can view all your employees and their PF details. You can edit the PF settings such as turn off PF, custom PF rule, PF number, and effective date, for individual employees.

At present, we do not have the option of integrating attendance with Payroll. However, our tech teams are working around the clock to better our platform, and we’ll be providing attendance integration with Payroll soon.

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