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Boost the nonstop change procedure of enhancing meeting quality with Bizex Meeting tool.Manage all your meetings & events on your fingertips.

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Make Meetings Simple

The nerve centre for all your team communication & collaboration


Scheduling a meeting with your team is much easy when you use Bizex Meeting software, all you have to do while creating a meeting is add your teammates, mention date, time venue and agenda of your meeting. Just few details to be filled out and your meeting is scheduled and notified to your team members through an email and push. Our Meeting tool lets you have an overview of your meeting. You can get the details at a blink of an eye. Make notes of the meeting minutes and protocols discussed using Notes and have access to it at any point of time. Meeting Plan helps you create milestones for projects, assign task or responsibilities to your team and monitor project progress. There are chances you may not recollect your interactions with group members amid a meeting, Meeting tool enables you to record all the interactions and can be stored, so there is no way of any miscommunication.
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We go over such a large number of events in everyday life and there are chances we may overlook a few. It very well may be troublesome exceptionally when its identified with work. Create event identified with your project & work seamlessly with Bizex Event planner in just few snaps. It also monitors all the scheduled events and gives periodic updates.These events are synced with google calendar for ease.
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Take Effective Meeting Minutes

Collaborate better with audio,video & screen sharing.

Create Milestones
Meetings define your next step towards any project or administration related plans. Bizex lets you create milestones directly from it’s Meetings management tool thus saving you time & resource.This feature integrates with Project management tool with which you can easily assign tasks.
Voice over interface
Voice over interface is a game changer when it comes to noting down your minutes of the meeting. We may miss out on specific input during a meeting. Bizex AI based voice over interface framework recognizes each individual’s voice and converts all your interactions to text and is stored for future reference.
Web Conference / Webinar
Bizex Web Conference is crafted keeping in mind the hectic schedule of the new age entrepreneurs & businesses. Bizex Web conference allows smooth connectivity with teammates at remote location to engage multiple prospects at the same time.
Team calendar
Bizex team calendar integrates with your project planning & lets you plan & visualise your project team’s work. A must for complex operations, where multiple resources or departments have to coordinate in order to achieve the desired results within the scheduled timeline.