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Envision one piece of paper with every possible detail about your contacts, including past discussions and reports and more.That, in a nutshell, is Bizex CRM software.

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Increase Productivity.Convert More Leads.Do More Sales.


Know everything about your lead or customer, before you see them! Keep all notes, phone calls,appointments, tasks and emails as well as important documents relating to your leads and prospects in one place. Plan & Prepare for your sales call or appointment in advance with a single glance at your customer’s record. Get an overview of new leads, conversion of leads to clients, your total target, the percentage you are off target, how much you still need to sell & appointments with access to your calendar - easily visible and accessible with CRM application’s AI & ML based dashboard.


People change jobs. Have you at any point experienced someone leaving you, and nothing is left behind? The sales pipeline wasn’t up to date. The contacts wasn’t updated. The important contacts wasn’t registered – because all significant information was stored locally. Don’t let it happen to you. With Bizex CRM application, see what has happened and when it happened – emails, appointments, calls and opportunities. Access all your history, your pending activities, your sales, your opportunities, any linked documents, prices you’ve quoted all in the click of your mouse.

CRM Team

We get n number of leads/ prospects, but retaining the one worth the while is time consuming.Having teams,makes it easier to run your sales process painless. With Bizex CRM software, create multiple teams,assign leads or opportunities to them respectively. Your team can easily engage with the leads & make your sales process seamless.


Target sets a direction to carry out your sales process and keep the team focused on achieving it. Bizex CRM software lets you assign Targets to your teams or individuals.


Keeping record is mandatory as it gives an insight of your sales process.Know how each of your sales team or its member is performing. Get reports on employee performance,leads & opportunities assigned, client conversion all at your fingertips.

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What makes Bizex CRM the best option for any businesses?

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Bizex CRM application lets you understand customer groups and respond quickly-- and at times, instantly—to shifting customer desires. As business grows, you get more customers, but going through every customer for his/her details is a tedious task. Bizex CRM application makes it simple and easy to work on! With Bizex Tags you can filter out from large amount of clientele data to the one that’s required.
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Bulk Email
Emails let you target particular groups of customers or even individuals, but sending emails to each and every lead takes a portion of your time! Losing even a moment is what nobody can afford. Bizex is your on-the-go solution! You can connect with all of your contacts at once with CRM software Bulk Email Broadcast. You can track every bit of data about each contact, email contacts & manage client emails in a team inbox from Bizex.