Simplifying Business Expense Management

Manage all your expenses at one place-Bizex cloud-based Expense management software with its numerous expense tracking, reporting & GST return filling features.

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Simple and Comprehensible Expense Management Software

AI & ML based tailor made, GST compliant Expense management software that lets you make data driven decisions for efficient & productive business run.


Bizex Daily Expense tracker incorporates abilities for employees to raise expenses for approval through a browser or mobile application. Expense management software simplifies and automates a business’ expense entry, streamlines review, eliminates paper trail, and reduces administrative effort. Record expenses as they happen. Attach a receipt, enter the cost and pin the expense details such as type of expense type of the expense account it belongs to. Your employees can raise their expense with just few clicks.

Expense Account

Every organisation incurs expense, but you can’t just dump all the data at one place. It’s necessary to maintain discipline in recording all your data so you can analyse and keep check on your company expenses. With Bizex Expense management application, you can sort expenses by expense account. This helps you know where exactly your money is being spent and gives an idea on how to control your expenses. Create accounts based on your company requirements and monitor your expenses in just a snap of finger.


Bizex Expense management software Voucher serves to confirm or witness for some fact such as a transaction.It is a document that shows goods have bought or services have been rendered, authorizes payment, and indicates the ledger account(s) in which these transactions have to be recorded. Create vouchers in quick easy steps and with instant approvals and reminders for pending vouchers, it's much easier to manage your expense.


It’s necessary to keep track of every purchase made for your company, be it some kind of stationary or a furniture.Every detail of the purchase need to be recorded, as it helps to evaluate expense at the end of the month. Bizex lets you create detailed report of every single purchase made by your company with GST compliant, that reflects while generating GSTR2 report. Bizex takes care of every aspect to make your expense management better.

Expense Transaction

Bizex offers the best Payroll software. It's unmatched in its simplicity and handles all parts of the payroll procedure that gives you stress-free solution that is accurate, fully baked and very secure. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see all your transaction at one place with each and every detailed information related to it? Bizex Expense management eliminates the paper trail & assists you to understand where your money is going. You can see up to date expenses that are neatly categorised with all the required information such as day to day expense, its category and total expense incurred and also easily filter out the month for which you wish to see all your transactions with just one click.

Intelligent Expense Management Features at your fingertips

Bizex empowers your employees to spend and report expenses digitally while helping company administrators manage all expenses online.

GST Ready Expense Report
Bizex Expense management tool provides you a single click facility to auto generate GSTR2 data of your organization.You can directly download the file & upload it in the portal. Bizex makes GST filing quick & easy. File your returns now with GST portal ready expense reports.
Manage Expense on-the-go
Bizex mobile application lets you manage expense on your fingertips. Create expense as they incur, at any time in an instant! Turn receipts into expense entries. Group them together and raise an online expense. With Bizex Quick Action concerned authority can approve any kind of expense.