A Better Way To Manage Your Projects

Bizex Project Management application has everything you need to track a project from start to finish.Now collaborate better to have more efficiency & productivity.

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Intuitive, Transparent & Jam Packed with Elements.

One place to manage all of your Projects, Teams and Communications. Bizex Project management tool has got everything you need for a great experience.


Managing all your client records on paper or excel is so outdated! Going through each and every data eats up a lot of your time and energy. Bizex Project management tool makes it much easier. Add your client details, have overview of each & everything, their respective projects, invoices, receipts, payment records.


Every client has strategic goals and the projects that you do for them advance those goals. Bizex Project management tool keeps record of all your old and new projects on-the-go. Assign teams to each project, track progress & expense.Control the start and end date of each task and organize the work in a proper way. Preserve invoices & receipts.Integrated budget and time tracking keeps projects on schedule, and lets you know way in advance if you’re going over budget with the best project management software-Bizex.


It is important to ensures there’s a proper plan for executing on strategic goals. Milestone are major aspect for any project. They set a target that need to be achieved in certain period of time. Bizex Project Management tool lets you create Milestones for projects, keep track of their status & also gives details of previously created milestones and everything with ease.


You’ll find teams work without proper briefs, projects lack focus, can have vague or nebulous objectives, and leave the team not quite sure what they’re supposed to be doing, or why. Bizex Project Management application lets teams assign work and collaborate over their projects all from a central project management nerve centre that tracks time and assets. Assign tasks and estimate work hours, then use the Bizex to balance workloads.

Project Team

As a team we work fast rather than as an individual. Efficiency & productivity is seen in a team when you collaborate better. Bizex lets you create your own team,designated for a particular project. You can also keep record of teams assigned to each project, add new teams for the same project or new project, assign team lead all at your fingertips with best project management software-Bizex.

Manage Your Projects More Efficiently

Bizex Project Management tool assists you plan your work & time,send and also keep track of your performance.

Your personal Task Management Tool
In Bizex, you have your personal task management software.Simply open the Task and see all your current, upcoming and overdue tasks, to plan your work easily. It assists you in staying updated on all the important dates and deadlines. There’s no need to juggle between different projects for keeping an eye on milestones related to the projects which you are a part of.
Versatile Project Management Tool
Manage everything about a project on one page, including time spent and billed, planned tasks and meetings, budgets, invoices and expenses. Preserve invoices & receipts. Integrated budget and time tracking keeps projects on schedule, and lets you know way in advance if you’re going over budget with the best project management software-Bizex.