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Bizex HRM now successfully implemented in 75+ companies with active base of 7000+ employees

August 2020

ESI, PF, TDS & PT updated Reports & Payroll Improvemnts

June 2020

Performance Analytics, Traning, On-boarding & Exit process.

May 2020

First 1000+ Employees & 40+ Companies

April 2020

Due to covid, Bizex announed offer, pay for 1 year & Use for 2 years

March 2020

Employee Expense tracking & Reimbursement

August 2019

Bizex HRM has 500+ Employees onboarded

May 2019

Perfect solution for marketing employees, Manage your employee attendance using GeoTag

April 2019

Bizex integration with Biometric & Facial recognition Device

March 2019

Bizex HRM Implemented in 25+ companies within span of 4 months

December 2018

Bizex Business Management Tool, Launched on 15th August 2018, After Trail run of 1 year in 10 companies.

August 2018

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