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Have more control of your employee payroll, with simplified and integrated payroll process to help ensure your resources are paid accurately and on time with Bizex payroll management software - cloud-based payroll software with employee engagement at its core.

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Our Trusted Payroll Partners
Our Trusted Payroll Partners

Why Use Payroll Software?

Our Payroll software makes the work hassle-free and in turn manages the payroll professionally. The management of employees' information and routines on the daily basis become briskly convenient at the HR's end with the incorporation of this application. Payroll software is quite convenient to use. The user can access contact information, personal information, salary data, attendance, investment details, salary certificates and much more. This amalgamation of human resource management and Information technology gives the employer a competitive edge as the reduction in the chances of errors increases the productivity.

The automation of the HR related work reduces the dependency on manual entries which makes the workflow smooth. It provides easy access to the information and data which organizations need to make decisions more effectively and efficiently. It manages the entire information of the employees from the time they are recruited till the time they leave the company. A lot of tax services have been included in this software, including calculating taxes, deduction and local taxes.

Bizex payroll Feature

Automated payroll software the process by allowing changes to be made directly in the system, where they are stored for easy access. The changes include: Adding new employees to the system, update the information such as changes in deductions, Address, or Tax status and adding or changing bank accounts for direct deposits
Automated payroll
An automated payroll software quickly performs all types of payments, from basic salary and hourly wages to more complex functions like overtime, double-time, commissions, bonuses, wage deductions, and reimbursements. It additionally eliminates the need for manual paycheck writing. The system automatically generates pay stubs.
Salary level
Payroll software Employees Expense Reimbursement can use software to upload expenses and associated receipts at their convenience and the report automatically undergoes an evaluation process customized to your business. Managers and finance departments can analyze reports created from entered data.
Employee expense reimbursement
A payroll software unique and comprehensive Compliance Management Solution for compliances in your Industry. It offers great value in tracking and monitoring all your statutory and internal compliance related issues. Through Bizex payroll software, you get the MIS reports, thus enabling you to have accurate and real-time status of every compliance.
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Why choose Bizex Payroll?

Help and support from the experts
Even though our payroll software is easy to use, we understand you might need a helping hand now and then. That's why Bizex Payroll is backed by market-leading support, giving you access to our payroll experts by phone or email.
Manage your employees
Taking care of your employees comes first. With Bizex Payroll, you can securely store employee information, efficiently manage holidays and record custom absence types.
Pay employees straight from your payroll software
Pay employees straight from your payroll software. With Bizex Payroll, you can pay employees directly from your payroll solution, saving precious time so you can focus on running your business.
Get started quickly and easily
You don’t need to be a payroll expert, or hire one to use it. With a simple installation process, set-up wizards and a built-in help centres, even first-time users will be up-and-running quickly and easily.
Hassle-free payroll
A third of private sector employees are paid through Bizex - let our payroll software do the hard work for you, no matter how large or complex your payroll is. Bizex Payroll automatically calculates wages, allows for easy set-up and customisable deductions.

why 85% of our clients recommend Bizex payroll

High Savings
On average, 70% of our customers have seen high annual cost savings after using Bizex payroll.
More Time
Our clients run Bizex payroll in a matter of a few seconds for availing Payroll services.
Peace of Mind
Over 97% of clients have acknowledged using the HR software i.e. Bizex payroll gives them peace of mind due to its high accuracy