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Automate the payroll to process the salaries in a structured way with Bizex Payroll Management Software. With an unrivalled solution have hassle free processing of payslips in compliance with the standardized HR policies, conforming with tax and regulatory changes, abolishing superfluous data entry if any, accommodating different currencies as needed and much more. The software makes payroll processing 100% paperless and managed from cloud.

Bizex Payroll Management Software
We partner with you at every step to make the payroll process accurate, faster and on-time. All this in just a few clicks!

Salary Level

Driven by data,
compensation strategy is designed for various salary levels in the organization focused on retaining the best talent with the best pay structure including the base pay, incentives, benefits, perks and rewards. It is in accordance with the salary structure mentioned by the HR department.


Salary Revisal

Payslips are generated
in the form of MS Excel
files every month for every employee providing complete details on CTC breakup, incentives and expenses reimbursement. The salaries are calculated from the data recorded meticulously taking into account the attendance, leaves, logged-in working hours, food, rent, transportation allowance, statutory deductions etc. In case of any salary revision anytime in the year, salaries are recalculated flawlessly, locking in comprehensive records of current and previous compensation details.


Payroll Summary

Payments and expenses
allocations are bifurcated for every branch and its various departments. This summary provides exact
figures on the monthly gross pay, expenses and deductions for the number of employees in each branch and its respective departments.


Run Payroll

Run Payroll processes
the pay of the employees
for their number of working
days in a month.
It runs in four simple steps: Data Input, Process, Approval and Payout. In step 1, data is filled in for working days, base pay, rent, expenses reimbursement, incentives and rewards. In step 2, the net pay is calculated after withdrawing the amount for taxes and deductions. In step 3, the Excel is uploaded and sent for approval. Finally, in step 4 the salary is disbursed. Run Payroll can be scheduled for all the employees. It can be customized for specific branches too.


Payroll Report

It is a form that
provides details on
employment tax liabilities
to be paid to the government by the employee and organization. Separate Payroll Report is generated for every employee.


Reconciliation Report

This report intends
to identify and understand individual's earnings and
taxes to be paid in the specified time interval. In case of any fallouts, the details are crosschecked and ultimately resolved. It largely helps to clarify all the details related to taxes during the end of the financial year.


Pay Claims

An advance given
to the employee is the
short-term loan from
the company. It is recorded
in pay claims to ensure the loan amount is repaid in the fixed time period by the employee. Additionally, in this segment, records are maintained for the advance money given towards the expenses for official work and also referral bonus. All of it is documented for proper repayment and reimbursement.


Bank Transfer

Salaries are transferred in employees’ bank accounts on the specified date and time. The amount processed is approved beforehand and disbursed as instructed.


Block Payroll

It is meant for those
employees who serve notice period post their resignation.
Payroll processing is blocked for them and salary is calculated after the fixed duration of notice period with complete analysis on their dues, taxes, PF and other aspects of the pay structure.



It showcases the
compensation amount overdue, either to be paid by
the employer or to be received from the employee with respect to the loan repayment, expense amount etc. Arrears primarily refers to the accumulated part of the salary that is overdue from either side, employee or employer. The arrears continue to reflect in the payroll account of the employee unless it is cleared.



With Payment Settings, the payroll is automated taking into consideration various statutory compliances like TDS, PF, ESI, PT, Labour Fund, Gratuity, Insurance and more. Salaries are calculated every month under four heads: Basic, Daily/Travelling Allowance, Deductions and Rewards. The settings can be customized as per the guidelines stated by the HR department.


Payroll Cycle

Payroll is processed in a fixed interval which
can be referred
as a Payroll Cycle. The HR Department selects the payroll cycle based on their requirement and accordingly the salaries can be calculated.


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We build Trust.

More than 450+ Teams use our Business software.


We build Trust.

More than 450+ Teams use our Business software.

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